1958 Gibson Les Paul Special and 1962 Fender Pro Amp

This is the intermediate between the Les Paul Jr and the Les Paul Standard. This model has a mahogany neck and body with two P90’s. T.V. yellow was a finish Gibson originally introduced to look good on a black and white television, little did we know how great they’d look after 50 years of wear and tear! The P90 pickups really do it for me on these old guitars. They are overwound single coils that are more transparent and brighter than a humbucker, but not as “ice picky” as a Fender single coil. They have a really lovely mid bite that in combination with an old dried out guitar cuts like no other! You can achieve that single coil twang, but get the full bodied response of a humbucker without overbearing low end.

The 1962 Fender Pro Amp has become one of my favorite amps of all time. This marks the era where amplifiers began coloring the tone rather than just reproducing the original sound of the instrument. The “brownface” tone is very unique. Think early 60’s surf music or old country twang. This is a 6L6 based amp that pushes 40 watts through a 15 inch Jensen speaker. The brownface era vibrato is unbelievable and has a very distinctive sound.. It’s fully integrated into your tone and has almost a watery quality to it. These amps are dirtier than blackface models and cleaner than the tweeds, which gives you a great balance of both worlds. This amp has extraordinary low-end, which compliments the mids that the Les Paul Special naturally has. Whether its country cleans or dirty breakup this amp can handle any tone and sits in the mix extremely well.