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All Roadhouse amps 10% off for the month of February!

Roadhouse Amps is running a special 10% off sale for the month of February. Roadhouse amps are boutique, hand-wired recreations of classic Tweed circuits created in nearby Portland, Or. We currently have in stock the Roadhouse 5 Tweed Champ, Roadhouse 10 Tweed Harvard, Roadhouse 15 Tweed Deluxe and Roadhouse 45 Tweed Bassman. These amps sound amazing […]

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New Eric Daw Custom x Terry Turrell Guitar!

We are very excited to have this special piece in our shop! This amazing collaboration features a superbly built instrument by our own tech and guitar guru Eric Daw, with one-off, hand painted artwork by local artist Terry Turrell, whose work can also be seen on instruments played by guitar great, Bill Frisell.  This guitar not […]

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