58 Fender Stratocaster and 60 Fender blonde Twin amp

I couldn’t resist putting these bad boys together with the 60’s Nu Wah in between to see what would emerge. I already knew that the ultra rare 1960 blonde Twin amp was one of the best sounding Fender amps in the shop. The clarity and depth of this amp is unreal at any volume and the vibrato circuit is thick and lush sounding. The normal channel has a bit more punch in the low end but I prefer the chimey clarity of the second channel with vibrato. The pick-ups in the 1958 Strat aren’t very high output but the tone in every position is so sweet and natural sounding through this amp. It is lightweight and resonant with a really comfortable “soft v” neck profile. I cranked the amp up and kicked in the classic Nu Wah pedal and I couldn’t believe the crazy tonal sweep of this pedal. It combines that throaty half-cocked wah tone with a screaming high end that is crazy at high volume. My conclusion was that this set-up is way too cool for a hack like me! Come and see these amazing pieces as well as a ton of other fabulous guitars and amps at ECG!