ECG Updates: Shop Expansion and Garage Sale!


It’s been some time since I’ve done a newsletter/blog for our many fine customers and followers, so I figure in light of our 20th anniversary year, it is about darn time I did one. It’s a little scary that 20 years have gone by since I opened the doors of Emerald City Guitars in May of 1996, yet very fulfilling that we have managed to turn this humble little shop into a major player in the worldwide vintage guitar market. I never could have imagined that I would get to hang out with many of my guitar heroes and some amazing musicians, both local and national, through the course of our history. I have also had the immense pleasure of meeting and working with some of the finest and most genuine people you could ever wish to meet. All this in a little shop in Pioneer Square.                 

This year has been huge for us once we decided to take the shop to the next level; and by the next level I mean increasing our size and inventory without losing our charm and personality. We have spent the last nine months doing a little facelift on the shop,  which is still ongoing but turning out very well.

After purchasing a warehouse of musical instruments and accessories early this summer, “lo and behold” the retail space next to our shop became available. Couldn’t pass that up, so we are currently starting our shop expansion which will increase our store space by another 25%. This couldn’t have happened any sooner because we are literally busting at the seams!


My son Trevor is taking on more of a partnership role and is well equipped to keep us around for another 20 years with or without me. He has expanded our clientele to “Rock Star” status while fronting his band “the Hollers”, who have been highly visible in the Seattle music scene and are currently mixing their first full length record at Studio X in Seattle.

We now have two skilled and experienced guitar techs on duty with the well-respected and trusted Eric Daw doing customer service and repair, as well as our “Guitar Maven” Liz Herrin setting up all shop guitars.  These fine folks are among the best in the business.

James Anaya and Jordan Fuller round out our professional staff. James is the curator and the keeper of the showroom and Jordan manages our website and handles our online presence. Both are highly skilled musicians and are a perfect fit to the ECG family.


I want to thank not only all you folks who are patrons of ECG, but also the wonderful staff for a 20 year run that has been the most extraordinary chapter of my life. Things seem to be only heading forward from here and we’re gearing up for another year with enthusiasm and optimism.

We will keep you posted on the opening of our new expansion which will start with a monumental garage sale in the space on Sunday Oct. 9th from 10am til 5pm. This will be an epic bargain day and will include literally tons of gear at lower than blowout prices. If you need parts, speakers, tubes, pickups, amps, guitars, effects, cases, cords, mics, projects, necks, bodies and more, I suggest you get there early. No reasonable offer will be turned down. We really need to clean house and let go of some stuff that has just been building up. So come and get it!!!

Hope you’re all doing well and transitioning into the fall weather gracefully. I encourage you local folks to get down to the shop to hang with the coolest crew in town and soak up the down home vibe of Emerald City Guitars. If you’re driving down call ahead and we’ll make sure to get you a parking spot near the shop. Also, be sure to stay in touch with our website, Facebook page and Instagram for the latest news and gear postings. Thanks again you guys for supporting us for the last 20 years and beyond. Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!


Jay Boone

The “Soul Proprietor”