Emerald City Guitars is now an Official SWART Amp dealer

Swart Space Tone ReverbWell folks we just became the Northwest’s official SWART AMP dealer and we have four spankin new models in stock now! They are an amazing combination of vintage looks and tone with the modern amp sparkle. Come in for a test drive. I’ve been really busy on the gear acquisition end of things and have brought in over 50 cool used guitars and amps into Emerald City Guitars in the last few weeks. We are looking at a big push toward the end of 2012 with tons of specials on new and used gear over the holidays.

We are also very proud to be bringing in Liz Herrin (of American Music fame) to join our staff of professionals. Liz brings tons of gear expertise and extraordinary musical talent to our already amazing group of folks at ECG.

As usual we have had some amazing visitors stop in to say hello while passing through our fair city on tour. We were graced with the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walsh recently as well as the rising country star Hunter Hayes who recently opened for Carrie Underwood at the Key Arena. Also got an after- hours stop in from Mr. Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Although it is always nice to see the famous folks drop by we still focus the bulk of our energy on making sure our local heroes and our thousands of customers and fans around the world are given high priority.

Let us know how we can better serve you guys, we love and appreciate you so much!! Stay tuned for some breaking news on an upcoming announcement about an “Emerald City All Star Jam Night” to be held on a weekly basis that will feature some amazing players and some fabulous vintage guitars and amps! Just imagine an opportunity to play a tune with a great band with the guitar and amp of your dreams. Hope you all like the new direction the website is heading and be sure to check our our latest episodes of “The Reality of Emerald City Guitars. Hope to hear from you soon,

“The Soul Proprietor”

Trevor Demonstrates The Swart AST Atomic Space Tone: