Emerald City Guitars Update + Nashville Flood + Random Rants + THANKS EVERYONE!

Hello everyone!!!
I haven’t put up a blog for a while, because there has been a ton going on down here. The last few months have been really exciting, and there are some really cool changes we are making at the shop. The acoustic room is being remodeled, and having a stage built for live music. We are still working out the details, but we’re hoping to have local musicians as well as bands passing through Seattle perform at the store. We’ll keep everyone updated with that!

Facebook Facebook Facebook. First off, thank you all so much for becoming a fan of our store!!! It means a lot that so many people have been keeping in touch with us, and helping spread the word! I want to encourage everyone to use our facebook page as a resource to post local shows, music, or other news related to music. We’ll be using this for upcoming shows in the acoustic room, and any other events so keep in touch and come check out the shop when every thing’s finished!

We have had a ton of cool musicians pop in lately such as John Mayer, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl, Cheap Trick, MUSE, Eddie Kramer, and many more (including yourself). On top of great people visiting, we’ve had an abundance of unbelievable gear come in and going out. Things have been excellent here, and the vintage market is really exciting right now. Thanks again you guys for making this simple shop in Seattle such a wonderful place to be a part of!

I’m sure everyone heard about the tragic flood in Nashville that absolutely destroyed thousands of amazing vintage instruments. Every year we lose a few vintage pieces, whether it’s had bad modifications, stolen at a show, smashed by a girlfriend, house fire, or some other random way. That’s a reason why vintage guitars go up in value, and they become harder and harder to find. BUT THIS….This is bad. There were some out of this world collections, that have been completely ruined. I have seen some pictures, and heard about a couple ridiculous pieces that are no longer with us. These guys are going to be looking for some replacements soon, so watch the market! As a musician, my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones to the Nashville flood….

So this is the last thing I want to mention, just because it comes up all the time. Random, but I needed to get this out. Emerald City Guitars has been open for nearly 14 years, thanks to our wonderful cliental and passion for musical instruments. Unlike a lot of stores Emerald City Guitars does not operate on any type of commission system, that to me seems to be the downfall for a lot of small businesses. The store consists of Jay Boone (Owner), Eric Daw (Repair), Trevor Boone, and Frank Gross. Each member of the Emerald City Guitars staff has an extreme passion for music and instruments. We have all obsessed and studied our inventory, so that when a customer asks our opinion the answer is honest and knowledgeable. Whether the guitar is $60 or $60,000, we aren’t benefiting from a sale. Unlike many shops, where the staff’s advice is driven by their commission check, that is not the case at Emerald City Guitars. Our enthusiasm about our instruments is purely from our love and interest in instruments. Our honest, down to earth approach to business has blessed us with a cliental consisting of everyday musicians, collectors, along with famous rock stars that we grew up listening to!

When someone comes in the shop looking for, let’s say a Gibson Les Paul around the $1800 range. If there’s isn’t one in the shop, THEN WAIT! Trust me we can go find you a Les Paul, but the ones that end up in the shop have been examined to make sure they are up to our Gibson standards. As with all guitars there are good ones and bad ones. I mention Les Pauls, because a lot of new instruments are not made the way they used to be. If we have a Les Paul in here that isn’t worth $1800, then it won’t be priced at $1800.

Emerald City Guitars specializes in used and vintage equipment, so we are very picky about the new products we carry. If we don’t believe in, there is no reason for us to keep it in the shop. The amp lines we carry such as Orange and Dr.Z have proved their reliability and quality, and the same goes for guitar brands such as G&L.

Believe me, we have seen everything come through our door, and have dealt with a lot of professional and knowledgeable musicians. If you want a straight answer or suggestion as far as what to purchase, we are giving you our honest opinion.

Thanks to our local Seattle musicians as well as those around the world, we have been a successful business that continues to stand for what music is about. It has been extremely busy here the last 6 months or so, and we thank you for providing us with ongoing business and many wonderful relationships.

-Trevor Boone