Emerald City Guitars Fall and Winter 2013

fall leaves

Wow, here we are getting into the last couple of months of 2013 already. The leaves are falling like crazy in Pioneer Square and the breeze coming off Puget Sound is feeling pretty chilly these days. I love this time of year in downtown Seattle and especially in the warm and cozy confines of Emerald City Guitars. We are getting geared up for the holidays and are excited to see a bunch of our local friends come out of the woodwork and join us for an exciting end to a glorious year.

The shop has never been so vibrant and full of amazing guitars and amps, both new and vintage. In addition to our stellar line-up of the finest selection of gear this side of the Mississippi, we are also stocking a ton of boutique amps, including Carr, Dr. Z, Swart, Soldano, and 65 Amps. We also stock a huge selection of Tanglewood and Eastwood instruments for the beginner and intermediate players.

Recently we have been focusing on fine vintage acoustics from Martin and Gibson. At this writing we have at least 15-20 amazing pre-war Gibson and Martin acoustic instruments as well as many from the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you haven’t experienced a great vintage Martin D-18 from the 40s with scalloped bracing or an old Brazilian rosewood model you haven’t lived! Some of my personal favorites are the old “Banner Era” Gibson J-45s and Southern Jumbos from the late 30s and early 40s. The depth and presence of the lower strings and the beefy necks are just amazing. We also have plenty of pre-owned Taylor guitars, Guilds, Larrivees, and plenty of rare and vintage Mandos, banjos, ukes, lap steels and resonators.

If electric instruments are more of your bag you absolutely will not be disappointed! This is the area where we really feature some of the finest gear in the land. Whether your thing is vintage Fender Teles, Strats, Jazzmasters, Jaguars or classic Gibson Les Pauls, Juniors, SGs or ES335s, we have it all in abundance. Fender Tweeds, Browns, Blackface, Vox AC30s, Marshall stacks, Gibson amps, Silvertone, Supro, Magnatone, Boogie, Matchless, Orange, Ampeg……….the list goes on and on. We also feature a very cool selection of new, used and vintage effects pedals that include Spaceman, Catalinbread, Xotic, Zvez, MXR, Electro Harmonix, and a ton of rare pre-owned boutique pedals.

It’s been really great having our latest staff member Liz Herrin working the sales floor and setting up guitars for us this year. Liz brings a unique combination of pro experience and extraordinary personality to our already amazing staff of seasoned professionals. She also plays guitar for local legends The Purrs who are having a breakout year in 2013.

This has been a banner year for Emerald City Guitars as we approach the beginning of our 19th year of being in business at the same location in Pioneer Square. We continue to receive rave reviews from our many customers both local and around the globe. Many high profile collectors and touring musicians from every part of the world have been fans of ECG for years and continue to visit our shop both online and in person. We feel blessed that all you folks put your trust in us to deliver the goods and offer out services to find solutions to your needs.

We are planning on some cool events down at the shop through the end of the year including TBA in-store appearance in the “Wizard Lounge” and an open house during the December “Thursday Night Pioneer Square Art Walk”. We invite you all to come down to the shop and see, in person, a true Seattle landmark at 83 South Washington Street in Pioneer Square. Emerald City Guitars.