Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all our friends around the world, we thank you for all your correspondence and for your support and business over the years. We are ending 2012 on a high note not only in terms of having a banner year of business but in having an amazing few months of rare and vintage instruments infiltrating our shop! In my 17 years of owning this place I don’t believe we have ever had a more complete selection of world-class guitars and amps on the floor.

1952 Les Paul GoldtopThere have been some real gems coming out of the woodworks of the Northwest, including the recent acquisition of a stunning 1-owner 1952 Gibson Les Paul and matching GA 30 amplifier. This beauty is special in every way, not only being the first issue of the famed Les Paul model, but having the matching amp and  well-preserved case candy that was still intact along with the original sales receipt is pure bliss! The other most recent gem is another 1-owner Northwest guitar that is just as clean, stock, and loaded with extras. How about an original 1960 sunburst Fender Esquire with tags and original brown case that looks new! I could go on and on about the 62 “Burgundy Mist” slab board 1962 Strat or the rare early 1981 “Burst” reissue flame top Les Paul Standard prototype that walked in.

Our acoustic room is also in full bloom with lots of vintage Martin and Gibson flat tops, including some very rare pre-war models. I can’t go without mentioning our crazy amp selection which is basically two rows deep in most displays. Lots of tweed, brown, blonde, blackface, and sliver face Fenders as well as super rare Marshalls, Gibsons, Magnatones, and Supros. We continue to rate as one of the top 5 dealers of Dr. Z Amps in the country for 10 years running and love the good Doctor’s amps!! Our new line of Swart Amps have been doing really well right out of the blocks and we are excited about the future of these amps at ECG.

Mike McCready and Gary Westlake 
We continue to have the parade of stars come through the hallowed doors of ECG and November and December have been no exception. The new Chili Pepper’s guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, stopped by after their recent sold-out show at Key Arena to pay his respects and pick up some rare boutique effects from our pedal gurus. I went to that show and trust me the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still one of the most badass bands on the planet and Josh fit them perfectly! One of my favorite guys and certainly a guitar god, Mr.Mike McCready, strolled in a few days ago with my man Gary Westlake and commenced to tear it up on the 1960 Burst through an old JCM 800 head and cab. I turned it up good and loud and believe me that guitar and amp combination in Mike’s hands was glory to behold!!

It was also really good to see our buddy Mike Squires, fresh off the road with Loaded, drop in with Ronnie from the Killers, who ended up getting a really sweet old Gibson ES 330 from us. I could go on and on but I have been told to limit my name dropping to 4 or 5 folks per blog, so there ya go.

So yeah it’s Christmas time in the city and although we aren’t your usual one stop shopping mall or Walmart headquarters for all your Christmas needs, we are as usual the best source for new, used, and vintage guitars, amps, effects, and accessories in the Northwest. You can shop online through our new spectacular website. We are offering all kinds of specials and go out of our way to make your shopping experience something fun and exciting. We have gift certificates and easy return policies if your gift selection doesn’t suit the recipient. We ship worldwide and accept Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Paypal, checks, money orders, direct wire transfers, and oh yeah…..CASH.

Emerald City Guitars Gift Certificate

I can’t end without expressing my gratitude and for being so exceptionally proud of my wonderful staff of professionals that are the heart and soul of our highly-acclaimed guitar shop. These are the folks that do all the day to day things that make us who we are. Eric Daw is without a doubt one of the brightest and most talented guitar technicians and builders of the new generation. His 12 year history at ECG speaks for itself and his long list of high-profile clients will testify on his behalf, as will the countless fans of his work. Thank you Eric, I couldn’t do it without you my friend.

Trevor Boone is the gifted next generation of vintage guitar experts and his history at ECG started at the ripe old age of 7 years old. Trevor has taken in so much over the years just hanging out at ECG and meeting people from every walk of life and absorbing the deep rich culture of vintage instruments that have been a steady stream through the years down here. He has virtually had his hands on more legendary guitars and amps in his young life than most collectors and players will see in a lifetime. Add all that to a keen business sense and warm and friendly demeanor and Trevor is the heir apparent to the ECG legacy. And oh by the way, the kid can lay it down on the six string!

Jordan James is one of the brightest new stars at the shop and he has a real knack for attention to detail and research. My man JJ also has that special personality that I look for in an ECG representative. He is positive, warm, friendly, and above all authentic. I always tell Jordan that he is the kind of salesperson I would buy a guitar from, nuff said.

We recently added local guitar shop goddess Liz Herrin to our staff and she fit in perfectly with her blend of gear knowledge and guitar tech expertise. Liz is kind of the missing piece that we have been looking for and we are really jazzed to have her on our staff. Her band the Purrs also just released a really cool clear vinyl single on Fin records. Go buy it. I highly endorse every member of this staff and I am blessed to have them on my team, Thanks you guys!

Willy K Live at Emerald City Guitars Poster
As a parting note I would like to announce the performance of uke legend Willie K at our shop on Friday December 14th in the “Wizard Lounge”. Willie K is playing a sold-out show at the Emerald Queen Casino on the next night so if you want to experience his amazing talent in a small venue we invite you to come in for this intimate performance from 5-6pm on Friday the 14th. There will be very limited seating and space available. Once again I would like to thank all of you beautiful folks for our success and trust me 2013 will be even better and more exciting!   

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from the whole ECG Family!! 

“The Soul Proprietor”