1969 Marshall Tremolo 50-Watt 4X10 “Bluesbreaker”


  • Year: 1969
  • Condition: Good
  • Watts: 50 watts
  • Speakers: (4) Original 10" Celestion Speakers

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1969 Marshall Tremolo 50-Watt 4X10 "Bluesbreaker"

1969 Marshall Tremolo 50 watt 4X10 ‘Bluesbreaker”. A super rare 50-watt combo with an offset 4×10 speaker configuration. All original with the exception of a replaced upper back panel and a vintage correct input jack. Original 10″ Celestion speakers. Solid condition with some significant cosmetic wear including wear to the tolex and grill cloth. Small hole in lower back panel, missing original script logo and added casters. This amp sounds incredible and has a surprisingly chimey, glassy clean tone with a very Fender vibe. As you crank the volume, the amp begins to blossom into the richest, vintage crunch you’ve ever heard! Lots of top end harmonics, midrange punch, and a full, tight low end. The perfect Blues and Classic rock overdrive! A must have for the Marshall enthusiast!