1973 Fender Super Reverb


  • Year: 1973
  • Condition: Good
  • Watts: 45 watts
  • Speakers: (4) Celestion G10S-50 Speakers

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1973 Fender Super Reverb

1973 Fender Super Reverb.┬áThese old Super Reverbs deliver a signature Fender tone that’s instantly recognizable! Good condition with some tolex wear and a few grill cloth rips. This amp has been modded to have reverb on both channels and the speakers have been replaced with a quad of Celestion G10S-50 speakers. The 45 watts is just enough power to put out a big powerful sound, while still being able to break up nicely. The 10 speakers give the amp an immediate feel and move a lot of air. A very versatile vintage Fender amp!