2014 Bad Cat Cub III 15R


  • Year: 2014
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Watts: 15 watts
  • Speakers: (1) 12" Celestion G12H30 Anniversary

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2014 Bad Cat Cub III 15R

2014 Bad Cat Cub III 15R. The Bad Cat Cub III 15R offers 15 watts of class A power with great tone and lots of flexibility! This amp has a classic sound with lovely¬†cleans, crunch and four gain stages for getting smoking hot lead tones. Great condition with little wear. The original owner ordered a combo cabinet and head cabinet, allowing you to use this amp in various configurations. The combo cabinet is loaded with a single 12″ Celestion G12H30 Anniversary and sounds fantastic with the Cub III 15R. Other features include the K Master circuit, foot-switchable 12ax7/ef86 preamp tubes, spring reverb and an effects loop.