Mesa Lonestar Special


  • Condition: Very Good
  • Watts: 30/15/5 watts
  • Speakers: (2) 12" Celestion/Mesa Black Shadow Speakers

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Mesa Lonestar Special

Mesa Lonestar Special 2×12 combo. 30 pure class-A watts, switchable down to 15 watts or 5 watts. Two killer sounding 12″ Celestion/Mesa Black Shadow speakers. The Lonestar Special is the lower wattage little brother to the standard 100 watt Lonestar and is a very versatile combo combining a wide range of classic tones. The clean channel has a familiar Blackface chime and is open with a beautiful warmth and sparkle. Channel 2 adds a nice vintage style overdrive perfect for Blues and Classic Rock, but can also go into higher gain territory at the flip of a switch making it much closer to a Mark II style gain. Other features include independent reverbs for each channel, built-in fan, effects loop, and a slave output. A great Mesa combo that covers all the bases, from vintage to modern!