2016 Roadhouse Tweed 45


  • Year: 2016
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Watts: 45 watts
  • Speakers: 2x10" Jensen Falcon and 2x10" Eminence 1028K Alnico Speakers

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2016 Roadhouse Tweed 45

The Roadhouse Tweed 45 is a faithful ’59 Tweed Bassman clone. A quality boutique amp that is hand-wired right here in the USA. Stunning lacquered tweed finish. This one is in practically mint condition and sounds fantastic. Powered by a pair of 5881 tubes, this amp puts out 45 creamy watts. A combination of two 10″ Jensen Falcon ceramic speakers and two 10″ Eminence 1028K alnico speakers gives you the best of both worlds. Lots of sweet mids with a nice tightness in the low end. A beautiful tweed with enough power for any situation!