Skinpimp MKIII Fuzz


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Skinpimp MKIII Fuzz

Skinpimp MKIII Fuzz. Good condition with some dings and scratches on the enclosure and velcro on the bottom.

From Skinpimp:

The MKIII is the one that started is all for Skinpimp. It has grown in popularity, and rightfully so. Great classic fuzz tones, but very fitting sound for modern players. The MKIII is our interpretation of the Vox Tonebender MKIII. With a modified gain control the MKIII allows for lower gain settings. Fitted a 3 way toggle to get varying shades of low end, and tightness. We’ve also added a CAM Mod to the MKIII. It is a hi-cut control to tame the high end content on bright amps or bright guitars. It is important to note this does not alter the tone our MKIII has established, it’s simply an added benefit to allow versatility for different amps and guitars. All Skinpimp pedals are 100% handmade in the USA with the best parts available to provide you with the tone you deserve.