Swell G-Drive Tube Overdrive


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Swell G-Drive Tube Overdrive

Swell G-Drive Tube Overdrive. Very good condition with some light wear including a few tiny paint chips and velcro on the bottom. Functions perfectly and includes original box and power supply.

From Swell:

The G-Drive is a variation of our popular SWELL TONE CIRCUIT for Guitar with a Vacuum Tube for the ultimate in a compact and easy to use low-gain/push drive pedal.  The G-Drive produces real tube-driven classic American tones made popular by the now highly collectable mid-’60s combo amps via either Amp and/or Record-outputs.  The G-Drive delivers drive with smooth natural compression, rich complex overtones and yet still remains fundamentally transparent.  All of this while remaining dead-quiet even with the output level control maxed out!