Victoria 80212-T “Tweed Twin”


  • Condition: Excellent
  • Watts: 80 watts
  • Speakers: (2) 12" Celestion G12-80

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Victoria 80212-T "Tweed Twin"

Victoria 80212-T “Tweed Twin” 2×12 Combo. From Joe Bonamassa’s personal collection. The 80212-T is Victoria’s take on the legendary late-50’s Fender Tweed Twin. Amp is in fantastic condition. These amps sound amazing and are extremely well built, using only the highest quality components and finest craftsmanship. Loaded with two 12″ Celestion G12-80 speakers. This 80-watt powerhouse delivers a classic tweed tone with a smooth and compressed overdrive, but it’s size and power put it in a league of it own. Currently has a solid-state rectifier adapter for a tighter, quicker sound, but can easily be swapped back to a tube rectifier for added sag. A wonderful amp that offers up vintage tone with unparalleled reliably for a great sound night after night. This is an amp that you can not only hear, but feel with every chord you play!