Victoria Golden Melody 2X12 Combo


  • Condition: Excellent
  • Watts: 50 watts
  • Speakers: (2) 12" WGS BritLead Speakers

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Victoria Golden Melody 2X12 Combo

Victoria Golden Melody 2X12 Combo. Classy styling in a two-tone Brown Gator and Cream tolex, the Golden Melody is a fabulous 50 watt amp with a huge sound. These amps are hand-wired and built to the highest standard of quality. Loaded with a pair of 12″ WGS BritLead speakers and features a lush transformer-coupled reverb and a swimming harmonic filter vibrato. This amp has gorgeous, full clean tones and a wonderful crunch that can be pushed into some face-melting lead tones. A great all around amp with a warm, rich sound and enough power for almost any situation.