Thank You So Much

Last night the shop was broken into, and 7 guitars and an amplifier was taken. We were all really upset about this, and did all we could to spread the word. It took a couple hours before all of the items were returned to us.

In those two hours while the instruments were missing, we had an amazing amount of support come through. The incident was immediately posted on websites, blogs, forums, facebook, myspace, as well as local newspaper sites. Locals came to the shop checking in on us, and we were flooded with emails, phone calls, and personal text messages! This all means so much and we can’t thank you guys enough for the support. It is our duty to help the fellow musician in similar situations, so spread the word when you hear about things like this. It took less then two hours to get $30,000 worth of guitars back in perfect condition, thanks to the friends and family of E.C.G. Thanks guys you are truly wonderful!!!!!!

Trevor Boone
Emerald City Guitars